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CVRC winter dressage at Moulton 2023 / 2024

CVRC runs monthly dressage shows at Moulton Equestrian. All entries are via Equo Events.  Open to members and non-members. Click here for the schedule.  

Times for the show on 17 March 2024 to follow.


The date for the championship show is 17 March 2024.

A list of all qualifying combinations can be found here.

To qualify for our championship show, competitors need to score 62% at that level.

For members only, there are points shields for the most points over the winter series for intro, prelim and novice and above, plus a trophy for the highest number of points in the music class. For all points to count, you must be a CVRC member for both years.

Any questions on the dressage shows please email

Our CVRC residential camp at Milton Keynes Equestrian Centre is on 28 to 30 of June, please reserve your place via Bookwhen.  Lots of fantastic instructors will be there, good food and great company

Attention new members!

It’s lovely to see so many new members joining the Cherwell Valley fold.  In order for us to put everyone in the correct groups for training please would any new members send a brief email to, telling us a little bit about you and your horse/pony.  Please tell us whether you would like to represent the club, what level you are currently working at - flat and jump, any problems you have and what you would like to get from the club.  Thank you.

FLU VACCINATIONS - all horses and ponies that compete at BRC qualifying competitions and championships must have had a valid flu vaccination within the last 12 months and not in the 7 days preceding that competition.  The primary course of vaccinations must also be correct.  This is a change from the previous 6 month rule, though the BRC has stated that it "strongly recommends" that the 6 month rule is followed.  


For all CVRC training and shows we require that all horses and ponies that attend CVRC training at our various venues or any CVRC competitions also follow this rule and have had a flu vaccination within the last 12 months and not the preceding 7 days.  


We will be keeping a record of all vaccinations of active team members' horses and ponies to ensure that our venues do not take on any risk from non-vaccinated horses and ponies attending training or shows. Please ensure that you remember to send an up to date copy of the first page of your horse's passport showing its name and UELN and all vaccination pages to for the attention of Tracie. Whenever your horse has a booster, please send the updated vaccinations page to for the attention of Tracie.

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