CVRC IS CLOSED AGAIN DUE TO THE NATIONAL LOCKDOWN. At present, due to national lockdown the BRC has confirmed that no riding club activities may take place at all.  As soon as we are permitted, we will start to put on our usual training calendar, subject to compliance with all Covid-19 social distancing guidelines and any tier structure rules.  Whilst you are in lockdown why not have a go at the CVRC Lockdown Quiz - see below.

FLU VACCINATIONS - from 1 March 2020 all horses and ponies that compete at BRC qualifying competitions and championships must have had a valid flu vaccination within the last 6 months and 21 days and not in the 6 days preceding that competition.  The BRC has stated that it "highly recommends" that this rule is followed prior to 1 March 2020.  


Although this rule applies to BRC qualifiers and some other affiliated bodies, for all CVRC training and shows we require that all horses and ponies that attend CVRC training at our various venues or any CVRC competitions have had a flu vaccination within the last 12 months and not the preceding 7 days.  


We will be keeping a record of all vaccinations of active members' horses and ponies to ensure that our venues do not take on any risk from non-vaccinated horses and ponies attending training or shows. Please ensure that you remember to send an up to date copy of the first page of your horse's passport showing its name and UELN and all vaccination pages to for the attention of Emma. Whenever your horse has a booster, please send the updated vaccinations page to for the attention of Emma.

CVRC DRESSAGE SHOWS at Moulton are currently suspended due to the national lockdown.  We will start our shows again as soon as we are permitted to do so.  This may change with little warning, so please make sure you follow us on facebook, where we will post any urgent updates.  


When shows do run again, please note that all competitors must comply with the Covid-19 rules to ensure so far as we are able to that the shows are "Covid Secure".  These are the rules for all entrants:


  • Competitors will be given a start time and a warm up time.  No competitor may enter the warmup arena until their warm up time.  It is up to you to arrive with sufficient time to get into the warmup arena at your allocated warm up time.  You will be given 30 minutes to warm up.

  • Competitors and their helper must leave the indoor arena as soon as reasonably possible after finishing their test.  No waiting in the indoor arena after your test will be permitted unless an additional warm up time has already commenced for a later test for that competitor.

  • There will be strictly no changes to times or the running order once times are published.

  • No sheets will be handed out or posted, but will be emailed to competitors as soon as possible after the end of the show.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.  Please make sure that your email address in your Equo profile is accurate is this is the email address we will use to email your sheets to you.

  • No results will be posted or rosettes given out at Moulton on the day.  Results will be available on our facebook page and online on our website as soon as possible after the end of the show.

  • If you would like your rosette you MUST leave a stamped, addressed envelope in the tray provided in the scoring box.  Envelopes should be A5 or A4 and have a “large letter” stamp on them or two standard first class stamps.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.  Committee members are not permitted to hand out rosettes to competitors on the day or when they next see people – please do not ask them to.

  • Competitors may only bring one helper with them.  Helpers are allowed into the arena and may watch the test but must remain outside the warmup area, other than when calling the test for a competitor. Competitors without helpers may ask for their test to be read by the CVRC steward – we will do our best to help people who need their test called.

  • Vaccinations will not be checked on the day.  It is a requirement of Moulton EC that we check latest vaccinations in advance by emailing a photo of the horse’s vaccination page from their passport to  You will not be permitted to compete unless we have received a copy of your vaccination page.  All horses must have been vaccinated for flu within the last 12 months and not in the preceding 7 days prior to the show.  All horses must have had the first two vaccinations of the primary course prior to competing. CVRC will hold a database of competitors’ horse’s vaccinations for convenience.

CVRC annual awards 2020 - congratulations to all our winners! 

Our annual awards and prize giving evening was held on Sunday 27th January at 7.30pm at Gayton Village Hall.  The Committee worked hard to do all the catering, which was improved this year by the absence of the hot and spicy pizzas!  There was plenty of room in the village hall for everyone and all attendees had a good time. 

Our worthy winners are:

Championship rosettes: Elspeth Fountaine, Sharon Coleman, Gillian Duckworth, Ellie Cowlard, Niff Whitton, Shelly Parish, and Nicola Dos Santos

Junior dressage - Ellie Cowlard

Most improved junior - Rose Vella

Most improved juniors horse / pony - Barrie (Rose Vella)

Best junior - Ellie Cowlard

Senior dressage - Elspeth Fountaine

Show jumping - Jodie Nixon

Horse trials - Nicola Dos Santos

Festival of the Horse - Nicola Dos Santos

Endurance - Lisa Hayworth

ROR - Mixed Bold Leigh (Sue Parker)

Most improved rider - Dawn Goff

Most improved horse - Maverick / Dora (Jane Bird)

Best new member - Kaye Tannock

Summer members dressage series - Gillian Duckworth and Red Bog Lady

Most improved over the dressage series - Steph Dee and A Little Paris

Helpers award - Vanessa Woodhouse

Surprise award - Diana Theophilus

Gaeloch trophy - Harvey (Karen Browne)

Lucky trophy - Noodle (Susie Jones)

Chairman's award - Gillian Duckworth

Attention new members!

It’s lovely to see so many new members joining the Cherwell Valley fold.  In order for Amanda to put everyone in the correct groups for training please would any new members send a brief email to for the attention of Amanda, telling her a little bit about you and your horse/pony.  Please tell her whether you would like to represent the club, what level you are currently working at - flat and jump, any problems you have and what you would like to get from the club.  Thank you.

CVRC LOCKDOWN QUIZ - why not have a go at our 3 part horsey quiz. Categories range from general knowledge, to literature, tv and film, history, art, famous horses and veterinary. The quiz was set up for lockdown number 2 but due to very low entries is now extended until end March 2021.  You can look up the answers on google if you don't know them.  All answers to be completed on the answer sheets and sent to Rachel Crook by email  Prizes for top 3 places will be cake / chocolate sent by post!

Quiz questions part 1 - click here

Quiz questions part 2 - click here

Quiz questions part 3 - click here


Answer sheet part 1 - click here

Answer sheet part 2 - click here

Answer sheet part 3 - click here

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