FLU VACCINATIONS - from 1 March 2020 all horses and ponies that compete at BRC qualifying competitions must have had a valid flu vaccination within the last 6 months and 21 days and not in the 6 days preceding that competition.  The BRC has stated that it "highly recommends" that this rule is followed prior to 1 March 2020.  In light of the BRC and other equestrian ruling bodies adopting this requirement, CVRC will be extending this rule to all horses and ponies that attend CVRC training at our various venues or any CVRC competitions.  We will be keeping a record of all vaccinations of members' horses and ponies to ensure that our venues do not take on any risk from non-vaccinated horses and ponies attending training or shows. Please ensure that you remember to send an up to date copy of the first page of your horse's passport showing its name and UELN and all vaccination pages to cv-rc@mail.com for the attention of Emma. Whenever your horse has a booster, please send the updated vaccinations page to cv-rc@mail.com for the attention of Emma.

Winter 2019 / 2020 dressage schedule

The schedule for our latest winter dressage series open to members and non members at Moulton College Equestrian Centre is now available on the competitions page. Entries for the next competition on 28th December open on Saturday 30th November.  All entries via www.equoevents.co.uk.  Please note that we will close entries early if we are at capacity.  We always keep a wait list.  Please message Rachel Crook if you wish to be on the waitlist.

Summer dressage series points champion 2019
Our 2019 summer dressage series members point champion this year is Gillian Duckworth with Red Bog Lady ("Lily").  Congratulations to Gill and to all the other members who scored highly in this series.

Dressage series championships 2018/2019


Congratulations to all our competitors and the winners of the classes and the points shields at our championship show at Moulton on 13th April.  


The winners are:

Intro Restricted and best member - Nadine Clark at Skelton Tallulah

Intro Open and best member- Rachel Williams and Pad D

Intro Points Shield - Steph Dee and A Little Paris

Prelim Restricted - Lucy Mills and Just the Ticket

Prelim Restricted best member - Nadine Clark and Skelton Tallulah

Prelim Open and best member - Debbie Tooth and Okavango

Prelim Points Shield - Susan Parker and Mixed Bold Leigh

Novice Open and best member - Debbie Tooth and Quo

Elementary and Medium Open and best member - Rachel Crook and Wee Wish

Novice and above Points Shield - Rachel Crook and Wee Wish

Dressage to music and best member - Colleen Wilkinson and Jellytot

Dressage to music Points Trophy - Gillian Duckworth and Red Bog Lady


Best junior member over the series - Lauren Hewett and Texas IV

Runner up junior member over the series - Ella White and Glynwyn Truly Scrumptious

CVRC annual awards 2019 - congratulations to all our winners! 

Our annual awards and prize giving evening was held on Sunday 27th January at 7.30pm at Gayton Village Hall.  The venue was new to CVRC and the Committee bravely did all the catering (sorry that the hot and spicy pizzas were a bit hotter than anticipated!).  There was plenty of room in the village hall for everyone and all attendees had a good time.  It must have been the only riding club presentation evening in the country where people were virtually forced to take cake home with them!

Our worthy winners are:

Championship rosettes: Elspeth Fountaine, Sharon Coleman, Helen Ball, Shelly Parish, Abbie Salter, Juliet White, Niff Whitton, Emily McNamee, Ellie Cowlard, Jayne Sandiford, Colleen Wilkinson, Kimberly Fay, Bethan Robinson, Caitlin Ellis and India Edwards

Junior dressage - Emily McNamee

Most improved junior - Nyah Lock

Runner up - Emily Orrin

Best junior - Emily McNamee

Senior dressage - Elspeth Fountaine

Show jumping - Juliet White

Most improved horse - Hastings (Pollie-Anne Paige)

Most improved rider - Anya Weldon

Best new member - Colleen Wilkinson

Endurance - Lisa Hayworth

ROR - Scruffy McGuffy (Debbie Ross)

Summer members dressage series - Debbie Ross and Scruffy McGuffy

Most improved over the dressage series - Sue Parker and Mixed Bold Leigh

Helpers award - Francesca Harris

Surprise award - Rachel Crook

Gaeloch trophy - Pie (Elspeth Fountaine)

Lucky trophy - Deccos Dream (Emily Orrin)

Chairman's award - CVRC quadrille team of Karen Kendall, Tamasine Thompson, Tory Dobb, Sandra White, Jodie Nixon and Emily McNamee.

Attention new members!

It’s lovely to see so many new members joining the Cherwell Valley fold.  In order for Amanda to put everyone in the correct groups for training please would any new members send a brief email to cv-rc@mail.com for the attention of Amanda, telling her a little bit about you and your horse/pony.  Please tell her whether you would like to represent the club, what level you are currently working at - flat and jump, any problems you have and what you would like to get from the club.  Thank you.


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