Due to Covid-19 we have had a curtailed winter dressage series in 2019 - 2020 but have been able to hold a full summer series at Boughton Mill.  The Committee therefore decided that the fairest way to calculate the winners of our points shields and the dressage to music trophy was to award points for all the results across these two series.  


Please congratulate our winners, who are:

Intro - Laura Hawkins on Farmhill Diamond, runner up Kay Willoughby on Jessie's Choice

Prelim - Annette Southgate on Ashurst Ben, runner up Tracie Lavelle on Sarco Sovereign 

Novice and above - Gillian Duckworth on Red Bog Lady, runner up Tracie Lavelle on Sarco Sovereign

Dressage to Music - Gillian Duckworth on Red Bog Lady, runner up Tracie Lavelle on Sarco Sovereign

We will be arranging to get the points shields to the winners in the near future.

This years winter points series is already underway, with the shields and the dressage to music trophy to be awarded at the end of the series in 2022.  

FLU VACCINATIONS - from 10 September 2021 all horses and ponies that compete at BRC qualifying competitions and championships must have had a valid flu vaccination within the last 12 months and not in the 7 days preceding that competition.  The primary course of vaccinations must also be correct.  This is a change from the previous 6 month rule, though the BRC has stated that it "strongly recommends" that the 6 month rule is followed.  


For all CVRC training and shows we require that all horses and ponies that attend CVRC training at our various venues or any CVRC competitions also follow this rule and have had a flu vaccination within the last 12 months and not the preceding 7 days.  


We will be keeping a record of all vaccinations of active members' horses and ponies to ensure that our venues do not take on any risk from non-vaccinated horses and ponies attending training or shows. Please ensure that you remember to send an up to date copy of the first page of your horse's passport showing its name and UELN and all vaccination pages to for the attention of Emma. Whenever your horse has a booster, please send the updated vaccinations page to for the attention of Emma.

CVRC WINTER DRESSAGE SHOWS at Moulton College Equestrian Centre will start on Saturday 11th September 2021.  The other dates are:

Saturday 9 October 2021

Saturday 13th November 2021

Sunday 19th December 2021 (Christmas show with dressing up of riders and horses encouraged)

Saturday 15th January 2022

Sunday 27th February 2022 Championship Show

All shows and the warm up are indoors and currently have no Covid-19 restrictions, though the venue requests that social distancing measures should still be followed. All results, sheets and rosettes will be handed out on the day.  

Entries will be limited and open 3 weeks before the closing date.  All entries are through  Get your entries in early to avoid disappointment.



Vaccinations will be checked on the day.  All horses must have been vaccinated for flu within the last 12 months and not in the preceding 7 days prior to the show.  All horses must have had the first two vaccinations of the primary course prior to competing. 

Attention new members!

It’s lovely to see so many new members joining the Cherwell Valley fold.  In order for Amanda to put everyone in the correct groups for training please would any new members send a brief email to for the attention of Amanda, telling her a little bit about you and your horse/pony.  Please tell her whether you would like to represent the club, what level you are currently working at - flat and jump, any problems you have and what you would like to get from the club.  Thank you.